BunnyHugger (bunny_hugger) wrote in coasterphobia,

Too Bad

It's too bad this community never really got off the ground. I think it was a good idea. I'm now a coaster fanatic and will ride anything (though some things still scare me), but I got there through a very long, gradual journey that started with being extremely coasterphobic -- and ridephobic in general. As a result I want to try to help other people make the same journey. I am in Michigan and I actually run a very small coaster club through meetup.com. If anyone in the Michigan/Indiana/Ohio area is reading this, feel free to contact me; I may be able to meet you at a park sometime and encourage you to ride (but not force you to -- that was one thing that really kept me from wanting to go to carnivals or parks as a kid, the worry that someone would try to force me to ride something). My closest park is Michigan's Adventure, and my closest big park is Cedar Point. I have been to pretty much all the parks in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, and I have twice made trips out to Pennsylvania to visit parks there. I've been to a smattering of other parks too.
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